Wednesday, November 28, 2007

other uses of a camera lcd. ref: nikon s7c

now, we all know that the nikon s7c is a great camera (bcos i have got one, :) ) with built in and stuff.
but its also got a big LCD. and i was thinking of what other uses we can make of it.
- bcos the camera is a handy device. its got a good battery life. so may be i can read e-books on it?

How will it work?
The idea looks simple.
Convert a pdf / doc into a series of jpg files. of course the pictures will be numbered in same sequence as the pages. then start the first pic and keep reading.
now only that where is the sw that will convert the pdf to jpg? and how will the text look on the camera lcd? will it be readable. May be we have to convert 1 page to 2 jpgs and so on.

The camera has a scroll interface, so it will be really cool to use.
Also the slideshow feature can be customized according to your speed.

Hey..hey.. bullshit... :))
But I going to make that converter from pdf to jpg pages.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Specialized for the special one!!

so.. with my baby turning 3 soon, it was time to gift her something special.
what better than a bike. this is going to be her best friend in new adventures..
or better, she can ride on it to the school.. :)

i didn`t google for this one beforehand (first thing after a long time)
just walked to the nearest yodobashi to check on the kids bike section.
and saw this and then cannot take my eyes off it. so minimalist, yet so stylish.
the reverse paddle works as the rear break. solid steel finish.
the bridgestones standing next didn`t match it. infact, there was none like this in the store.

plus, the pugmarks on the frame and seat gave it a naughty-kid look.

so was baught anika`s first bike..
a "specialized" for the special one!!

we have placed it tonight just outside her bedroom door.
hope she walks out and just screams with joy. thats something which makes it all worth!


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Upgrade RAM memory of Sony VGN-C50HB/W

I bough my first japanese `raptop` 6 months back.
The performance was pathetic from day 1. I asked a few friends and the reply came that Win Vista is the real sucker. Give it 1GB+ memory and it will run happy.

So I added 1GB DDR RAM and now the speed of opening/using apps have dramatically increased. Here are the details:

Buffalo 1GB DDR2 RAM
D2/N667 PC2-5300 200pin S.O. DIMM

You can change it yourself by just opening 1 screw for the small cover at the back.
There are 2 slots. One will be preoccupied with 512MB. The one free at the top is what you have to use.
Since the raptop supports 2GB max of RAM and there are only 2 slots, its better to take a 1GB RAM for upgrade.