Sunday, March 20, 2005

Anantgiri trek !!

It started like this. We were just TP' ing in the pantry and suddenly Ashwin says - 'I want to go for a long drive tommorow'. Me asked - 'Long drive jayenge.. full speed jayenge..?' and he said 'Yes'. So it was fixed and the 'I' became 'We'. :) So we bugged Abhijeet, Sujit, Rakesh, Venkatesh and soon we were discussing whether 6 persons can fit in Ashwin's Santro Xing? :))

Now the next step was to decide which place to hit? Ashwin was for Nagarjuna sagar but said there's no water there and also few of us were not willing to go beyond 100Km. So we were talking about this and Mridu comes up as tells us about 'Anantgiri'. Mridu calls her husband and we got all the directions to the location and that it is around 65Km. :)) All set? we ask each other and the reply is - No. 'What about food?- asks Sujit (the always hungry Quli Qutub Shah). Abhijeet volunteers for bringing his portable gas stove, curry, me for bread, milk, tea etc and Ashwin for rice, water bottles, ice packs, and all utensils. The idea turns up that we should cook our own food there.ok.. said I knowing that it is me who is going to do it. OK.. i know every one promises to help in the start, but things change once you land up at the place.

Fixing the time to start needed lots of discussion. Abhi & me for moving early around 0530 hrs but Ashwin was for around 0900hrs. We settled for meeting at D5 at sharp 0800hrs and it so happened that I was the last one to reach the office at 0845hrs, ;). So much so for the early morning idea.. We started well in another 10 mins but soon stopped at the city outskirts to fill our tummies with dosas, idlies and coco water.. and by the time we finished it was 1000hrs. The caravan started fresh again.. high speed.. loud music (Sexy Eyes -said someone?) anf the next stop after an hour was under a banyan tree on the road side. Why did we stopped? asked some one and Ashwin answered by throwing Samosa packet in the reply :). So we started stuffing ourselves up again.. drank lots of water as if there's no tommorow and moved on.. Ahhh.. we had some nice pics also.. Sujit was handling the camera and hence the banyan tree was covering 70% of the pic frame we were in the rest of 30.. but still the pics have come out nice may be because of the Sony Cybershot 5.1 being set in 'auto' mode. That I guess, made it sujit-proof (something like a child lock in TVs).

So we hit the curvaceous.. smoooth.. road again. speed? 80kmph or more.. no music this time.. we started sharing views about each and every vehicle passing by.. the Tata 207DI, Zen, our Santro, Uno.. Before we realised we were at Anantgiri.. It was around 1200hrs. The first priority was to have Balaji's darshan and then hit the caves which the locals claimed are around 4000 years old? I can't believe that.. but porous rock there do looked old.. like the one you see at other heritage sites.. :) We were surprised to see the stone carved rooms complete with racks etc.. and jumped inside. The room was small but can easily fit in 6 people on the seats carved width wise. There were lots if Mango and Imli trees around but except those there weren't much green big trees around. There were few old water tanks with only one of them being still in use. Around the tanks.. there were few builidings which looked like the old military barracks. The architecture resembled the mughal style..

All explored we decided to go to some other place to rest and then cook. The rest will be conveyed the photos that are here.. I am feeling too tired to type more.. :))

Monday, March 14, 2005

named my baby girl 'Anika'

My baby is one month old now and we have named her 'Anika' today. Anika means 'Goddess Durga' in sanskrit. Will upload her photos soon.