Sunday, November 30, 2008

installing ubuntu on the japanese version eeepc 900

Background: for foreigners living in Japan and turned on by the eee pc buzz, i sure rushed to the nearest yodobashi store to grab the Eee PC 900. However, there are 2 problems for the people who are not comfortable with Japanese.
1. Keyboard: You cannot do anything about it
2. WinXP Japanese OS: Make your 900 dual boot with ubuntu linux on it.

quick steps:
1. Download ubuntu ee ISO on your pc,
2. Flash that ISO image to the SD card. You can use an USB also.
This step creates a media you can boot from to start the ubuntu install process.
Similar to having a bootable windows installation cd when you are installing windows.
3. Boot from the SD card image. Press ESC when the PC is powered on. Choose USB option to boot from. It will actually use SD card, so do not worry.
4. go through ubuntu wizard to install. I ran into problems when creating ext3 partition because my SD card had low space (even though it was 4GB SDHC card). Anyways, I avioded the problem by choosing the 8gb D partition that was default present (and empty).
Once installation is done, you don`t need the bootable card again. So pull it out and reboot.

Lo! you got multiboot options with winxp listed last..


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