Sunday, November 04, 2007

Upgrade RAM memory of Sony VGN-C50HB/W

I bough my first japanese `raptop` 6 months back.
The performance was pathetic from day 1. I asked a few friends and the reply came that Win Vista is the real sucker. Give it 1GB+ memory and it will run happy.

So I added 1GB DDR RAM and now the speed of opening/using apps have dramatically increased. Here are the details:

Buffalo 1GB DDR2 RAM
D2/N667 PC2-5300 200pin S.O. DIMM

You can change it yourself by just opening 1 screw for the small cover at the back.
There are 2 slots. One will be preoccupied with 512MB. The one free at the top is what you have to use.
Since the raptop supports 2GB max of RAM and there are only 2 slots, its better to take a 1GB RAM for upgrade.


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