Monday, November 19, 2007

Specialized for the special one!!

so.. with my baby turning 3 soon, it was time to gift her something special.
what better than a bike. this is going to be her best friend in new adventures..
or better, she can ride on it to the school.. :)

i didn`t google for this one beforehand (first thing after a long time)
just walked to the nearest yodobashi to check on the kids bike section.
and saw this and then cannot take my eyes off it. so minimalist, yet so stylish.
the reverse paddle works as the rear break. solid steel finish.
the bridgestones standing next didn`t match it. infact, there was none like this in the store.

plus, the pugmarks on the frame and seat gave it a naughty-kid look.

so was baught anika`s first bike..
a "specialized" for the special one!!

we have placed it tonight just outside her bedroom door.
hope she walks out and just screams with joy. thats something which makes it all worth!



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