Saturday, June 30, 2007

first trip to europe

First trip to the scandinavian land. I am here in Sweden.
The weather is awsome. Daylight from 4am to 10pm is something that attracts me to live here forever. And is it someting with the body clock that you dont feel tired at all till its dark. so that means, you have 3/4th of the day to you.
And who want to sleep by the way..? :)

So.. something about the cool attitude of the people.
We got down at copenhagen and first things first went for some money change.
The girl at the counter inisted that we take the token even though when we were the only two people in hall.. :) Found out that the token machine is out of "tokens". I remembered India, ;)

When finally at the counter, this babe is counting the money in loop..1..2..3 times and I give up. So I say, why dont you guys have a machine to count the notes?
Pat came the reply - "We have the machines. Its that, we dont trust them."
And everyone under the hall was laughing. Does that tells something about the attitude here. Yup.


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