Thursday, September 09, 2004

Why flats are so costly and roads are always 'under construction'?

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A house in Delhi?
Yes, you plan to buy a house in delhi or gurgaon. or any place near
by, so that you can earn your bread by working in delhi.
The other reason is - every dog has a place to call his own, ;)

What are the problems?
Point no. 1, the traffic is killing. spending hours for commuting
to office daily, is taking toll on you - no time for kids, not an iota
for socialising & none for 'other' acts.. cos you are too tired or too late.
sometimes both.

Point no. 2, Reading traffic patterns & trying to take the highway before 0800 hrs & leaving office at 1700 hrs is not helping, either. To top it, Point no.3, the cheapest you can buy a decent flat anywhere is 12-14 lacs. You know.. to earn this kind of money, it will take eternity, until unless you give up the remaining peace in your life by taking up housing loans. Hit so badly, you, the common man can never imagine to stay away from the vicinity of your office, because more distance from the office means more delay.

So the real problem is that you want a house in/near delhi so that your life is cool but you don't have the money to buy it. Now, from the location where you can afford it, the office or the delhi city are too far. How does a road fits on in the story? Read on.

Now, the smart ones, do all the complex calculations & try to find a 'Value for Money' deal. Picture this - If there's an express highway (the kind the govt is trying to build *now*) from delhi-ggn to a town say, 50 Kms away. How much time will it take for you at the speed of
100Kmph to travel? 1/2 Hr? Yup.
Nearly 3 times better than now.

Equiped with this knowlegde, will you buy a pigeon -hole at the 7th floor for 12 lakh or have an independent plot in town 50 Km away and a house done to your taste. Spending the money wisely and having 'Value for your money'.

But hey.. If every one starts thinking like this, what will that do to the property prices of Delhi-Ggn? Who will buy the flats in delhi. The delhi-ggn property market will crash.
Do you think the builder lobby who have invested thousands of crores of rupees in the concrete jungles of Dwarka & Gurgaon is unaware of what a well built road can do to them?

Ask again, who is benefiting with bad roads?
Why is the Delhi-Gurgaon highway under construction for 'upgrading' to be a expressway?
May be thats an really really honest wish from the PM, but why are the deisgners forgetting to build subways? If its a highway passing through the buisiest areas of city, there will be lacs of people crossing it, daily. Have the class 'A' contractor 's designers forgot
that there will be people crossing the highway at Palam Redlight, Mahipalpur, IFFCO chowk, Rajiv chowk? But there are people who want the highway development to go slow.

So here comes Phase 2. Let the highway finish, and there be few deaths and then they will start digging for a subway. Don't worry, that'll for 'upgrading' the 'upgraded' highway.
Another round of traffic jam on the newly done highway. And this will go on, till the traffic chaos is created again, by building cleverly designed supporting by roads (like the 'temporary' new diversion from Radisson to mahipalpur, which takes near to 20 mins for what is
actually a less than 3 kms stretch). By the time it is over (will it really be over?), people must have forgotten what a good road can do for them.

Wicked, haan?


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