Wednesday, September 01, 2004

transfer from yahoo to gmail !!

;) . so.. i have just started doing it. downloaded a small 'jugad' from the net, that claims to download mails from yahoo using http. then i need a to send emails to my gmail account. both these steps of downloading from yahoo & redirecting to gmail will be done with the help of eudora mail client. lets try these steps:

1. dnld ypops
2. dnld eudora mail client cos it can redirect your mails to another a/c.
3. now configure eudora to dnld your yahoo messages first. please note, that ypops will run in the background but won't do anything on its own. we need to configure eudora & click send/receive to dnld the messages. now, i don't want to take credit for the work that i haven't done, so go to ypops site & look for the Configuring Mail Clients link for eudora's setup.
4. don worry, the eudora client will give messages that it's unable to connect to yahoo, ll but listen to ur favorite mp3 & put the eudora window in the background. when you go back, you'll see that ur mails are there.
5. now for redirecting to gmail. i will update that soon.

till then, bbye..


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