Saturday, July 31, 2004

pakistani folk !!

today, got to listen to some of the pakistani folk songs by 'Maaii Bhaagii'. I just smiled by seeing the titles in the list at . Two of them were,
* Kharrii neem kai neechai
* Chirimii ro Bilal saan piyaar
which are the two most famous folk of my district jhunjhunu in rajasthan, india. these are so popular all over the rajasthan state. chirmii, supnno, hichki are some of the famous folk songs in this part of the sub continent.. also the other songs like * Bhenar'a munhja hujan'a hayaatii * Lorh manjhaan lurhndii achai were sung in the style typical of the haryana-vi 'raagni' in india.

so much so for the 'seperate' pakistan & india.. i want to unite india & pakistan, again.. any like minded ones out there? by the way, if people can divide states, why can't the same people unite?

love to all. just give it a thought..


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