Friday, June 11, 2004

“You're the color..

Today my blogging activity was to reply to these lines.. Reached there by clicking on 'Atlas Shrugged' link in my own profile, ;)
“You're the color,
You're the movement and the spin...
Fail with consequence,
Lose with eloquence, and smile...
Never leave me paralyzed, love
Leave me hypnotized, love.”

-The Notwist, "Consequence"
- Summer Smith, 1:17 PM

hi. read the meaningful lines. i have this hobby of collecting snippets, trying to understand, drar analogies.. its like decoding some complex pattern. sending you couple of 'sufi' singer's lines. hope you like them, :)

h: naina tum hi bure ho,
e: oh, my eyes, you are the sinner,

h: tumse bura na koye,
e: you are the worse,

h: aap hi preet ki agan lagaye,
e: you ignited the fire in the heart,

h: aap hi baitha roye..
e: and now are crying?

h: is for hindi
e: is the english transalation

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