Thursday, July 01, 2004

ronaldo shines as forecasted !!

ronaldo shines as forecasted in my y'day blog. guess i can earn some quick money from betting, ;). c. ronaldo was the first one to strike, in y'day game btwn portugal & holland. nistelrooy was disappointing. figo, was simply superb. his gallop down the left flank, was a nightmare for the holland defenders. figo, deserved a goal and his ball kissed the left goalpost also. davids and deco were as usual great in the midfield. in fact, they were everywhere. when i think of these two, i always remember roberto carlos. the energy levels that these guys have are amazing. they run around for full 90 mins like power packed machines. its time for another forecast folks -final is going to be played btwn portugal & czech rep and figo and baros are the guys to watch for..

lastly i have to mention maniche's goal. it was a delight to watch. the holland goalie was struck with a thunderbolt. maniche standing at least 3 yards out of the box, and hitting it across from the left, to the top right side of the post, over the goalie. oh, mannn.. you get to see such sights in years. last, i remember, was when england' seaman was struck by brazil's ronaldinho..

enjoy, ;)


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